This website is all about Julian and Patricia Morgan’s sailing adventures in A Capella (a Callisto 385) and A Capella of Belfast (an Allures 45.9).

A Capella

“Old” A Capella was purchased in the spring of 2012 and she provided five years of wonderful cruising mainly in the UK, France and Spain.

In 2017 we decided that a new boat was called for to be our home for the next 5 years or so while we sailed around the world.

A Capella of Belfast

Following an exciting period of research we decided to purchase a new Allures 45.9, an aluminium boat to be built in Cherbourg, France.  We placed our order in early 2017 and received A Capella of Belfast in October.   We had an exciting sail a cross Biscay to Maderia in October with Phillipe, Jean Luc and Patricia’s Uncle Peter. We then joined The Jimmy Cornel Rally to cross the Atlantic via the Cape Verde’s. Since then we have cruised the Caribbean, the East coast of the United States, the Bahamas, Jamaica, the San Blas Islands, Panama and across the Pacific to New Zealand, where we arrived in October 2019. Due to Covid we have been unable to continue with our voyage and have decided reluctantly to have our boat shipped back to Europe from Auckland in April 2021. We will determine our future sailing plans once we are back in Europe.

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