We have been to the races….

Yes, if you have been lucky enough to be in New Zealand over the past week, the only place to have been is on the water in Hauraki Gulf enjoying the America’s Cup.

Nowhere else in the world could have staged this event this year, in this manner, and what fun we have had. Like all big money, world class sporting events there is plenty of marketing magic, and expensive memorabilia, but it is managed for maximum public participation. We have been out on the water on A Capella, Nikkitoo, Into the Blue and visited The Viaduct, the waterfront home of the America’s Cup. It is all very, very sociable and definitely too much good food and drink has been consumed; but it really is a one off so we made the most of it. In reality if you want to see the racing, television coverage is the best, but a little flat in comparison to being on the water watching the AC75 boats for real. It has been a very competitive event, but ultimately the best team won and rightly Auckland is jubilant. We took loads of photos so this is just a small sample of some very happy memories.

It hasn’t all been the glamour of the race course over the past month. Allures, the manufacturers of A Capella asked us if they could do some filming of the boat for their marketing material. This seemed like a fun project so while the boat was out of the water we had an extra incentive to make sure she was completely polished, and all the extra bits and bobs that collect around the deck were tidied away. We headed down to Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf to do the photography shortly after she was relaunched at the end of February. Rest assured we now have an endless supply of excellent photos and video.

The Hauraki gulf is a lovely area of islands and small bays just off Auckland. It is mostly accessible and there are good walking trails. What a delightful playground. We have particularly enjoyed Kawau island, Issy (Islington) Bay between Rangitoto and Motutapu Island, Waiheke Island and Motiuhe Island.

We were at Issy Bay when a tsunami warning was announced. Definitely a new experience and a bit alarming but thankfully it turned out to be a non event. We were not sure what to do as we were never going to get into the recommended 100 metres of water within the timeframe. We put out some more chain, Julian put on his lifejacket and clipped onto the boat, and we waited. Not even a ripple. Many of our friends were in more vulnerable spots and had to evacuate to higher ground.

We send our very best wishes to all of you and your families who are continuing to endure the difficult situation back at home. With the vaccination programme now in full swing there does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel. We do hope there is still some vaccine left for us when we return!

4 thoughts on “We have been to the races….”

  1. We have been watching a lot of the America’s Cup here, William particularly interested so it was great to hear about it from you two. Great photos, got a sense of the atmosphere.


  2. Super photos and account of your adventures. I hope you’ve sent it to Chris and Jane. How splendid to have been picked for advert by Allure. M


  3. So have I! Really enjoyed Cheltenham last week, and seeing Rachael Blackmore crowned champion Jockey was the
    icing on the cake. Then we won the match in Lansdowne Road on Saturday – Sorry Julian! – a good finish after
    a rubbish start!


  4. Wow what a special experience you had! We watched racing highlights on YouTube we hope very much they decide to sail real boats with sails & spinnakers next time! All best with next part of Capellas journey back to Europe (avoiding Suez just at the moment LOL!) Enjoy you next adventure where ever you manage to head to next. We feel quite safe in NI despite restricted life style its just the new ‘norm’ for now. Best wishes, Sue & Peter x


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