Goodbye Galapagos and onwards to French Polynesia

Tomorrow we set sail for French Polynesia after three weeks in the Galapagos. The forecast is good for a 20 day trip. This, of course assumes we manage the “leaving” bureaucracy! And yet another boat inspection, this time to check for baby tortoises and drugs. Do not get me wrong the officials are all very polite, it just doesn’t happen like this anywhere else.

Stuart Dawson has joined us for the trip so we have a “Team Pacific” which is great news.

We have re provisioned at the local market. The pricing still remains a mystery or maybe a “dark art” and most things seem to cost a dollar. If we look a little perplexed we just get a bit more produce and it still costs a dollar. Bananas are virtually free so we have two large hands of bananas for a dollar. Sadly no Branston pickle or indeed any decent pickle. I suspect we will have to learn to live without it for sometime.

Our cobbler cum sail maker has come up trumps and the code zero has been mended, checked and re furled. This time we shared the football pitch with a construction lorry.

We have had a great time in the Galapagos but we will really remember the Galapagos because of the animals – they have been fantastic. The fish market at Santa Cruz is full on entertainment. The big, very fat sea lion just reminds you of a Labrador – very, very greedy and always in the way. I thought iguanas were vegetarian but clearly not all. Although the pelicans are very keen, but the heron with his evil sharp pointy beak is king. The frigate birds are just shameless and have no manners hence the plastic screen defences.

These guys can fillet fish at speed. We, of course have not purchased any fish as with Stuart on board we are completely confident of catching are own. In anticipation we have purchased the white wine to complement the fish as even on passage, fish really does need some white wine!

I have awarded myself a “I love boobies t shirt” as a souvenir!

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Galapagos and onwards to French Polynesia”

  1. You are looking very tanned Mrs Morgan.
    It all looks amazing!
    Your blog is very descriptive and a lovely read.
    Nick back at work and improving I think. Fingers crossed.
    Lots of love xxxx


  2. Has Stuart caught any fish yet ? ! enjoyed your description of the market and the photo of the seal on your swimming board. Tough about the branston . Happy Easter to you all, its going to be warm & sunny here for a change !
    love R&E xx


  3. What an adventure. I am sure French Polynesia will be lovely. Possibly some good French cuisine! I am enjoying my boat. Sailing to Cowes on Saturday. Lunch in The Anchor or maybe Mojacs? Fair winds for your next voyage.


  4. Yes, you’re right, fish is greatly enhanced with good white wine, Booby T shirt is fun, also a smart haircut. Looked up the Pacific in my Times Atlas, it’s such a long way from where you are to the Marquesas, best of luck for your long voyage. Warm and sunny here, at last, grass growing, my lilac just about to flower, everything fresh and green.


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