St Maartin/St Martin

This is a split island and St Maartin is Dutch and St Martin is French. We were here to join some friends for the Heineken race week. The racing boats ranged from the seriously big and fast to chartered boats. Our boat was Akouvi a pogo 12.5, owned by Chris a fellow rally friend and crewed by Josh a very skilled racer from New Zealand who was also on our rally. The boat was very successful winning its class comfortably. Julian joined the boat for all the races and I did two. We are grateful to Chris for organising this and allowing us to join the racing.

The island was hit by hurricane Irma, in September last year. The damage is incredible and will take years to fix. It is quite bizarre to see such damage next to very smart super yachts! There is a “let’s get on with it attitude” and you seem to get used to seeing dead boats just strewn about in the water and out of the water, once smart hotels with no roofs, water edge restaurants destroyed, and broken walkways. It was clearly a very smart island before the hurricane.

There are serious iguanas here. They are the most odd creatures but very colourful and wonderfully prehistoric6r.

3 thoughts on “St Maartin/St Martin”

  1. Congratulations on your red rosette – although it actually seems to be a green flag – I’m sure the racing was very exciting. Pink and grey iguanas look good, very trim with their pink manes. Haven’t yet seen my foal, due to weather conditions, however things are improving, snow melting and most roads are open.


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