Martinique for snagging

After St Lucia and the Grenadines we returned to Martinique for snagging and some boat improvements as previously arranged. Returning to marine centres for such things seems to be a common state of affairs among cruisers. This status is compounded by waiting for parts and bits of parts which should have been sent but were forgotten. Happily we have met many of our rally mates in Martinique who have been “waiting for boat improvements or stuff to be mended!” Just to be sure we know we are in France the lunch stop is 2 hours, but in fairness it is hot and all the staff have been delightful, but it does make progress steady to say the least.

We duly turned up in Martinique on the arranged day. Getting work to start was delayed by carnival time and public holidays. Many ordered parts had arrived but, as seems to be the way, not quite all the bits. We have achieved some things in Martinique in particular more clutches, but frustratingly will have to return at the end of March to finish the work.

Now on our way to St Martin/St Maartin. Julian is hoping to do some racing and then we will met some friends in Antiqua before returning to Martinique.

2 thoughts on “Martinique for snagging”

  1. It’s the 2nd March – we thought we had escaped the bad weather but it’s worked it’s way up to Shropshire and the forecast advises that it will snow for the next 6 hours. The temperature is a barmy -4C. I share this with you in the hope that it might easy the discomfort of being trapped for a few extra days in paradise!
    Be careful in St. Maartin – I think that’s where the BBC program “Death in Paradise” is filmed. There seem to be murders weekly, but the good news is that they are always cleared up with an hour or two.

    Have fun,



  2. Blue skies and tropical islands look like another world from here, we’ve just had two days of red alert for weather along the East coast, and inland as far as Kildare and Meath, biting winds, drifting snow, temperatures below freezing. My young mare foaled on 23rd of February, colt foal, I had planned to see him this week, but “the best laid plans of mice and men …” However, he’s flourishing, safe and well in a big stable, piled high with straw, the thaw has started, I’ll see him next week, then enter them both for Balmoral Show. Meanwhile I can always turn on my laptop, and visit sunny, exotic islands without venturing beyond my hall door!


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