2 thoughts on “Tropical Islands – hopefully with pictures this time!”

  1. Sent a comment on yours but don’t think it went.    Anyway great to see such super pictures of idyllic places.    Nice one of you and Julian and friend on St Lucia.    When you reach Antigua and Guadelupe think of Peter and Jewel, John and Carol, Peter and Rosemary and me being there  –     in a catamaran  !!      Such happy memories flood back for me.       See what you mean about lots of catamarans.    Enjoy!   Maureen


  2. Yes indeed with pictures, and they’re great, especially liked the swimming fish. Chaps on the boat sound like a very good idea, and do look smart into the bargain. I see you have now added bats to your menagerie, probably not your pets of choice – just as well you don’t have a belfry! How right you are, ‘Ware Brexit, it’s getting worse by the day, the thought of endless delays at our own border is just depressing – and that’s just a minor problem. Still cold, wet and windy here, but the crocuses are opening, daffs peeking up, and my young mare is due to foal next Friday, so lots of good things to look forward to, Spring is almost here.


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