Barbados for Christmas

The aim was always Barbados for Christmas with the boys and we have had a great time. Marie, Tristan’s girlfriend also joined us which was a special treat. We are now in Martinique – which is just delightful. The pilot book describes Martinique as a breathe of civilisation. No offence to Barbados but it is very welcome. We spent 20 days on anchor in Barbados and we were completely self sufficient but beach landings are nearly always wet and sometimes rather too exciting. The battle against sand and water assaults to our technology has resulted in one phone down – not too bad!

Oliver and Stuart were with us for 10 more days after arriving in Barbados. Activities included probably too many welcome/leaving socials including many rum punches. Importantly Stuart ensured that our fishing kit was suitably upgraded and organised a fishing trip where the lures and lines were up to the job and we duly caught big fish. Oliver organised a clear up of the Careenage and reached the local newspaper. We also enjoyed some sight seeing and in particular visiting a magnificent flower forest. We were very lucky to see baby turtles hatch and make their epic journey to the sea. This happened just along the beach were we had walked daily. At our anchorage “Terry” turtle also visited daily which was delightful.

The boys were with us for ten days. We celebrated a Swedish Xmas with a Xmas eve party on the boat and then normal Xmas with lunch at the local hotel followed by racing on Boxing Day. Activities included sub aqua diving, swimming, and sightseeing.

7 thoughts on “Barbados for Christmas”

  1. Oh Trish & Julian – you are living the dream.
    So pleased that it is going so well and that you are seeing the world! Well done!!
    All very much the same back here. My mother was in hospital all over Christmas and New Year – she has been very unwell, although improved at the moment.
    Tess loving her job and Sophie & Nick went back to work on Tuesday – very busy busy!
    Thank you for the update and pics. …. Where next??
    Lots of love from Ali xxx


  2. Christmas sounds fantastic. Glad you managed to upgrade fishing equipment. I am very jealous of the fish that you caught. Turtle hatching magical.



  3. Very pleased to see the boat was suitably decorated for Christmas and the anchorball correctly displayed. Hope that Martinique proves to be fruitful on the maintenance and improvements front.


  4. Dear Patricia and Julian,
    Another wonderful happy blog. You are certainly upholding the honour of Royal North with the ensign and visiting Barbados Yacht Club.
    Seeing the baby turtles racing to the water must have been a marvellous experience.
    I hope that the Allures agents in Martinique carry out the repairs and improvements to your satisfaction.
    Cary and family went to Capetown for Christmas, so I stayed with Juliet and Joe over the holidays. I will also be going to stay with Katie and George in Capetown in February.
    Lesley’s cousin Barbara and Budgie live on Antigua at Jolly Bay. They are keen sailors and would be delighted to see you. Let me know if you would like contact details.
    Love and best wishes for 2018 and thereafter,


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