Cape Verdes

We leave the Cape Verdes tomorrow for Barbados.  We have really enjoyed our time here.  The country is very third world and reprovisioning  has been a challenge – I don’t suppose we will fade away but the cuisine may be rather limited at the end.  We have washed our fruit in an attempt to avoid cockroaches but our French neighbours were rather more diligent.   On one island the scenery was spectacular – photos attached.

8 thoughts on “Cape Verdes”

    1. Lovely photos ,your luckily have taken on a first class fisherman ,as it looks that Julian has lost some weight , the fruit will come in useful to prevent you from all going with scurvy.
      Best wishes for the crossing . Rupert and Elly


  1. Looking forward to the next instalment once land is reached again 👍😊 wet and very windy here at the moment, so loving seeing those sunny sky’s… even more jealous …


  2. Your trip looks amazing, the skies, the sea, flying fish, Dyson and Cape Verde’s. Glad all going so well and wish you very safe, speedy trip on to Barbados and trust it will remain cockroach free.


  3. Hi Oliver
    We hope you are having a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you and hearing about the great adventures you have had. Safe journey xxx the wintles


  4. Great photos, lots of interesting looking plant life. I’m following your journey with an atlas – actually two atlases, my old school one (circa 1959) and 9th edition of The Times Atlas of the World. Really improving my geography! Fair winds, and safe voyage.


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