After 8 days at sea now safely in Madeira 

A few activities from our trip to Maderia –  fancy sails, taking sites, climbing the mast, flying fish, some tankers, eating and drinking well, wonderful sun risings ( the world wasn’t sloping just the photographer.)

8 thoughts on “After 8 days at sea now safely in Madeira ”

  1. All looks wonderful and everyone looks happy and relaxed. Glad you are all safely in Maderia and can have some R&R .. enjoy


  2. Great to get the pictures  –  looks nice and warm.   I see Christopher has now joined you.   Uncle Peter seems to be enjoying it all greatly  –  never mind sleeping thro’ Biscay !

    Caroline gave me your envelope with the excellent  –  really splendid  –  grasshopper.  The shading in the eye and delicacy of the wings is SO good.    Will have to find a spot to put it up.     Also a very good farewell-to-Council photo of you,  and some very appreciative and well deserved remarks about your contribution.

    I’m sure your chances of painting will be many .   Do keep at it because obviously Granny T’s skill has been inherited.  Neill also is good,  but has stopeed lessons I’m disappointed to say.    I wish he had more outlets in his life.

    I’m sure the log book is progressing.   I hope you got a nice one with my Christmas present.    I would also like to think YOU might keep a “social” log of happenings and incidents and trivia.   It could be a very interesting read !

    Have a happy birthday tomorrow,  and many happy returns.    Lots of love     Maureen


  3. We have finally found out how to follow your progress as we popped round to see Ollie the other evening to bid him “Farewell ” . Found the map fascinating- I’m (Lynn) hooked and can’t stop checking to see how far you have sailed . Also enjoying the photos.
    Hope you all continue to enjoy your adventure, stay safe and we’ll keep in touch .
    Lynn & Nigel G xx


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