La Corunna in the sunshine

Finally crossed Biscay! No photos of that as not really a photo moment – big seas and winds.  Philippe and Jon Luc, our French skippers certainly knows how to do Biscay and were great.  Now well rested and motoring in glorious sunshine just of La Corunna and actually we would love a bit more wind!  A bit of mending this morning on the boom brake and Julian’s tools came into their own.  There are many of them, but I am told you cannot have too many!  Should be round Cape Finisterre this evening and heading South.

6 thoughts on “La Corunna in the sunshine”

  1. You can possibly never have too many tools, you can certainly never have too many books, big question is, how soon will you run out of space for all of them? Lovely blue sea, enjoy. Paula.


  2. Fantastic to see you and A Capella getting into your stride. The first few days must have been pretty frustrating. Wishing you well on your great adventure.
    Pete and Sally on Shuna.


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