Slow progress

Storm Ophelia and her mates are slowing our progress across Biscay and onto the Canaries.  We have had a successful 24 hr trip with our French crew from Cherbourg to Camaret sur Mer where we were storm bound.  Julian and I then took the boat onto Concarneau where we are again storm bound.  Moored with the fishing boats so hopefully some excellent fish tomorrow.  The weather is very changeable but we think there is an opportunity to cross Biscay early next week.  It is all a little frustrating but all is well and the boat performing.

4 thoughts on “Slow progress”

  1. Hi super to hear from you and that all is working well with the boat if not the weather. I’m just at the end of a greasy week on a 44m sailing boat in the Adriatic On to spend a week on Brac. We have had sun all the way but not a sailing wind! Is the ETA for Tenerife still the same. Enjoy the fish and I hope you get moving soon. Much love Ma/Joy. Xx -Sent from my iPhone



  2. Enjoy your stay in harbour, and your fish. Ophelia made quite a mess of the south and west of Ireland, also blew down a few trees and lots of branches in our local woods. Hope you can sail on successfully next week.


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