Packing up to go – August

Nearly ready to go – the garage is full!  The next question is – is the boat big enough?

4 thoughts on “Packing up to go – August”

  1. Dear Patricia and Julian,

    All good fortune in your great adventure in A Capella of Belfast.

    If you have not read the biography of Miles and Beryl Smeeton (of ‘Tzu Hang’ fame) written by Miles Clark (son of Wallace Clark) I will post a copy to you when you have a postal address. Sailing around the world was one of their milder adventures.

    You must be most excited moving aboard and sailing your new boat for the first time. I trust that your shake down cruise with a boat yard engineer goes well.

    If there is a convenient passage in the Autumn I would love to join you. My only serious commitments are the 4th September when I am hosting a lunch and 18th September for Courtenay and Lesley’s big wedding Anniversary.

    This communications system with WordPress looks highly efficient. I look forward to following your journeyings with great interest.

    Love and best wishes,



  2. It’s almost the end of September and I guess you might well be on the way to, or in, Cherbourg at the start of your great adventure. I wish you every good fortune, good weather and good times. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs.

    Very best wishes,



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